My name is Mariana and I’m an illustrator and picture book maker. My work is centred in human connection and emotions. The picture books are immersed in the magic of childhood and the editorial work explores lyrical and emotional expression.

I feel I always lived in between worlds. I’m of Japanese descent, born in Brazil and I’m currently living in Canada. Being a bit lost in my identity, I found ways of belonging through making art.

I love creating and living inside the idyllic and magical world of children’s books but I also feel incredibly inspired by exploring complex feelings and discovering more about the inner world.

I tried to stop in one place, but I’ve learned that I need movement and I believe it’s inside the complexities of being human that we find interesting gems.

Picture Books
Dia de Inventar
Wild Tales: Mari finds a home
Wild Tales: Percy faces his fears
Brigitte Magazine
The Globe and Mail
Vancouver Aquarium
Fabulous App
Editora FTD
Red Balloon

Bachelor Graphic Design - UFRGS (Brazil)

Exchange Student- Camberwell illustration and CSM illustration

Continuing Studies
Emily Carr - Picture Book