Personal Project
Year............ 2018
Collaborator.... Camila Vieira
Medium ········· Ink

ABC of Feelings

This is a project createad with the help of my friend Camila Vieira to try to put in words and images some of our contemporary feelings. 

There is a strong impulse to ignore and hide our feelings as self preservation. But expressing and acknowledging what we are living is essential so we can actually live it.

is for Ascending Anger: when you think the world showed its worst, wait for tomorrow’s news.

is for Borrowed Burdens: when there is so much on your plate but not in the way you envisioned. Keep calm and carry on.

is for Concealed Chaos: even if the surface is pristine, underneath is muddy. Right can look wrong and staying still is what really kills you.

is for Fragmented Fakeness: When every piece of you doesn't make one whole person anymore.

is for Hanging Hope: When you can feel the last straw coming and almost see hopelessness becoming the new norm. The future looks bleak y'all.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles